Now and Forever
For centuries, rice has been a staple food feeding more than half of the world population who are well aware of its nutritive and health benefits. There is a wide range of rice varieties thanks to advances in growing techniques and human research. Currently, rice has been cultivated and produced in large quantities in many countries around the world.      
Fifty years ago, a small group of researchers from Thailand, internationally recognized for being the country where the high-quality and the most delicious rice is grown, was successful in introducing “Hom Mali Rice, ” the newest rice variety to the global arena. 
It is not an exaggeration to describe “Hom Mali Rice” as a long grain variety of rice which has a shiny grain with little chalk and whose white color is as pure as that of jasmines. With its natural, pandan-like aroma as well as soft and sticky texture when cooked, those who have a taste of “THAI HOM MALI RICE” will undoubtedly sense the unbeatable quality of this world-renowned food.   
“THAI HOM MALI RICE” has never disappointed the world throughout its 50 years of international reputation. Each year, an increasing amount of “THAI HOM MALI RICE” is exported worldwide and restaurants galore around the world are currently serving delectable menus from this unique kind of rice.

Thai farmers have put all their efforts into growing THAI HOM MALI RICE of the best quality, and thanks to an excellent geographical location, it can be said that Thailand is the only country where the best, nutritive and the most delicious Hom Mali Rice, which has been an answer to the world survival for more than half the century, is grown.    
As a professional producer of“THAI HOM MALI RICE,” it is not beyond our knowledge to find out what the highest quality of “Hom Mali Rice” is like. Every single grain to be cultivated in this abundant land has undergone thorough inspection by rice experts before reaching the consumer level. Not only are those who consume our “Hom Mali Rice” regarded as “customers,” but they are “a big part of us, of our achievement.” 
What determines the wonder of “THAI HOM MALI RICE” is not just its quality, nutritive values and natural fragrance. The history in the making and research development of cultivation throughout 50 years has established the status of “THAI HOM MALI RICE” as the prestigious agricultural product. The industrial development may transform many cultivation areas in different parts of the world into the factory and heavy industry sites, where a high economic growth is projected, but there exist green areas where “happiness” proves more valuable than “money.” The areas are where the best“Hom Mali Rice” is grown, where Thai farmers are looking forward to the harvest season, and where “happiness” is as abundant as the rice.